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Pitch to Win™

Make your presentations stick !

Almost every leader and technical professional needs to present. Almost all decision-making involves getting buy-in from stakeholders.

At team meetings, client presentations, presenting to senior management, making a business case or proposing a change.

80% of real confidence comes from separating the thinking and structuring of a compelling business case from presenting skills. A thinking process that allow you to communicate insights, patterns or a point of view based on the data available, analyse the problem or opportunity you see and prioritise and focus your justification and rationale to create a compelling story which immediately engages the stakeholder.

One which speeds up understanding and decision-making, reduces wasted, creates a sense of urgency and moves stakeholders to action. One which makes you walk into any presentation confidently.

A process which increases the ROI of your presentations.


1. Position your proposal clearly through the eyes of the decision-maker and increase engagement in your presentation.
2. Know that you have covered the important logical and emotional grounds for the stakeholder.
3. Clearly articulate your thinking and insights in a manner that decision-makers understand and approve immediately.
4. Reduce the number of questions and interruptions that will distract the decision-maker’s attention or make them disengage.
5. Strengthen your personal, leadership and organisational brand and value.


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How is Pitch to Win™ different from Think on Your Feet®?

    Pitch to Win™ is for situations when you need to take your decision-makers from Point A (where we are now) to Point B (overcoming a problem or grabbing an opportunity); and you need a process to help you think, analyse and structure the communication flow to minimise opportunity cost and decision-making time while increasing your hit-rate.

  • If we are looking at a comprehensive communication development programme for our organsation, which programme comes first?

    Great! Are you planning programmes for different levels of participants? Or, are you looking at developing different types of communication competencies for a specific group? We work with clients in different ways depending on their answer to these questions. Let's chat. Drop us a message right now.

  • Which level is Pitch to Win™ targeted at?

    The more important question is what level of complexity in communication and thinking do you need to address. Pitch to Win™ comes in two versions - Pitch to Win™ Lite and Pitch to Win™ Complex.

  • Where does the remaining 20% of a presenter's confidence come from?

    That would be in knowing how to manage non-verbal engagment and visual presentation.

  • Who are the facilitators of Pitch to Win™?

    Our team of Pitch to Win™ facilitators are highly experienced in the communication and influence practice area; have done both live and virtual sessions across industries, levels of participants and countries. Download our brochure for more details about them.