Pitch to win

Pitch to Win™

Master the skills to earn a “YES” for your business pitch. Pitch to Win™ is a communication workshop that teaches you to sell your ideas and make an impact. You no longer have to settle for a “no” or “I’ll think about it”. With Pitch to Win™, learn to persuade, influence and present with clarity and confidence. 

Leaders and professionals who are confident with their technical skills may lack the expertise to communicate their ideas clearly. As you rise to more senior positions, you will be caught in settings where you have to present a proposal in a meeting, on a one-on-one call, an email or even a board presentation. The technical skills you’ve known for years are not enough to land you a YES. To improve your professional development, leaders have to focus on better conversational skills. 

Communication and presentation skills are key components of progressing your organisation upwards, especially when collaborating with decision-makers. To present ideas and concepts from a business or strategical context (not just from an operational perspective), professionals need to increase their emotional intelligence, improve their listening skills and communicate effectively to demonstrate influence as a leader. 

Pitch to Win™ combines logic, communication techniques and empathy to turn your business pitch into reality. 

Pitch to Win™ will help you:

Reduce time and opportunity cost in delayed decisions
Increase urgency and quickly move decision-making to action
Increase the ROI of meetings and presentations

Who is Pitch to Win™ for?

Pitch to Win™ is for leaders and professionals who:

Are proficient in their technical or operational skills but now need to pitch with insights
Want to improve their presentation skills by learning a clear and persuasive communication style
Want to increase the ROI of meetings and presentations by moving decision making into action quickly 

Key Takeaways of Pitch to Win™

How You Will Benefit from Pitch to Win™

Increase your confidence when presenting opinions and ideas 
Improve your persuasion skills to get stakeholders on board with your ideas 
Engage your decision-maker to keep them interested in your ideas
Handle question and answer sessions with confidence
Make others understand your ideas quickly without having to repeat 
Strengthen your personal, leadership and organisational brand and value

Pitch to Win™ Workshop Methodology

Concepts and example sharingSmall group activities, application and debriefApplication to individual work situations with facilitator feedback & review

Course Duration & Delivery

Duration: 2-Day Workshop 

Delivery Methods for Pitch to Win™: 
Face-to-face group sessions
One-on-one training 
Workshop and coaching combo
Online Workshop (also available to organisations worldwide)

Pitch to Win™ Course Outline


Your Idea! — Learn to craft an impactful solution to the business challenge. We teach you to use the Goldilocks test to create a compelling yet concise introduction to the perfect pitch.

Defining the Stakes Demonstrate your listening skills of what is important to the decision-maker through the E-I-I and P-C-F methods. 

Evidence, Inference, Impact (E-I-I) — Use the E-I-I technique to analyse objective evidence and understand the impact it has on the stakeholder to show the importance of your business pitch.

Pros - Cons - Fix (P-C-F) — Improve your persuasion skills and think two steps ahead by proposing well-rounded solutions to foreseeable problems.

Stakeholder Audit Learn to identify your decision maker’s push and pull factors by building your emotional quotient map.

The State of Play Increase your emotional intelligence, find a common ground, and fuse logic and empathy to influence the decision-maker. 

The Business Pivot Present the Problems and bridge them to an Opportunity. Learn to harness the positives when handling conflicts in the business problem. 

‘No’ Bank Learn to anticipate questions and objections by thinking on your feet with better control and confidence. 

Cross-check for Loopholes — Identify the weaknesses and blind spots in your business pitch to perfect it.

‘The ‘ASK’ — Use assertive and direct language to end off with an impactful call to action that leads to results.

Opening — Learn how to open a perfect pitch that will be remembered.



Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How is Pitch to Win™ different from Think on Your Feet®?
    Pitch to Win™ is for situations when you need to take your decision-makers from Point A (where we are now) to Point B (overcoming a problem or grabbing an opportunity); and you need a process to help you think, analyse and structure the communication flow to minimise opportunity cost and decision-making time while increasing your hit-rate.
  • If we are looking at a comprehensive communication development programme for our organsation, which programme comes first?
    Great! Are you planning programmes for different levels of participants? Or, are you looking at developing different types of communication competencies for a specific group? We work with clients in different ways depending on their answer to these questions. Let's chat. Drop us a message right now.
  • Which level is Pitch to Win™ targeted at?
    The more important question is what level of complexity in communication and thinking do you need to address. Pitch to Win™ comes in two versions - Pitch to Win™ Lite and Pitch to Win™ Complex.
  • Where does the remaining 20% of a presenter's confidence come from?
    That would be in knowing how to manage non-verbal engagment and visual presentation.
  • Who are the facilitators of Pitch to Win™?
    Our team of Pitch to Win™ facilitators are highly experienced in the communication and influence practice area; have done both live and virtual sessions across industries, levels of participants and countries. Download our brochure for more details about them.