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Our Clarity Magic Sauce

Delibrate Design

Results Bias

Optimal Performance

Client Allegiance

Learner Focussed

Our Behaviours

We bring these qualities to any interaction we are part of.
Regard for Others

Our Story

Our founder, Sharmini, stepped away after 20 years as a senior executive in a learning consulting firm to form BeInClarity.  On a holiday, her mother and sister gently nudged her to not waste decades of experience in business development, client relationships and facilitation by retiring early.  That nudge flowered into the start of a network of friends and business partners who teamed up to offer solutions globally.

BeInClarity is a fitting name for a firm dedicated to helping individuals, teams, leaders and organisations have clarity in what they do to sustain optimal performance and well-being at the workplace.

Why Us

From our perspective, we only do work where we know we can add value to our stakeholders.  We are not afraid of being honest with the client about their expectations, outcomes or risk appetite; even if it means we don’t get the assignment.  They know where they stand with us.

From our client’s perspective, they find us easy to work with.  They know we have a strong handle on what’s happening on the ground – business-wise and learning-wise. Locally, regionally and globally.  When clients want specialists, they come to us.  We get the job done well.

From our participant’s perspective, they are usually pleasantly surprised by the learning and insights they take away.  They also appreciate the thinking, design and facilitation skill that go into making any learning interaction enjoyable and engaging.  It is time well-spent in a session with us.

Our Experts

Ang Tian Teck

Ang Tian Teck

Go Ashokh Menon

Go Ashokh Menon


Iain Chalmers


Jacqueline Surin


Malar Villi


Peter Everett


Rebecca Chalmers


Sharmini Suthan

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Tan Ter Cheah


Tony Moore

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