Improve learning and development by measuring your emotional & social intelligence, resilience, and motivation in the workplace with flowprofiler®. The all-in-one portfolio covers extensive psychometric assessments, courses and coaching to build personal excellence in individuals, teams and leaders. 

Drawing on positive psychology tools, flowprofiler® gains rich insight into a person’s behaviour to then develop them for peak performance in their personal and professional development. It prepares you for day-to-day encounters as well as working under pressure to build all-rounded optimal performance

The flowprofiler® portfolio covers 4 assessments: eqflow®, resilienceflow®, motivationflow® and the flowprofiler®. Together, they encompass 18 dimensions that aim to build emotional intelligent, resilient, and motivated high performing teams in the workforce. 

With various personalities in the workplace, each member of a team has different strengths and weaknesses. flowprofiler® helps identify the dimensions and traits that lack in certain individuals and are overused in others. By merging awareness and action, the assessment will help develop leadership skills, improve collaboration in a team, and recruit well-rounded candidates.

Who Is flowprofiler® For?

flowprofiler® is for leaders and professionals who:

Want to identify their weaknesses in the workplace to optimise performance and well-being

→ Want to improve collaboration within their teams by developing each member for optimal performance 

→ Want to recruit candidates that possess emotional intelligence, resilience and motivation

flowprofiler® Assessments


When working with other humans with emotions, you can learn to develop your own emotional intelligence to cultivate healthy collaborations and relationships within the workplace. High emotional and social intelligence can improve interactions to create a team with compassion and empathy. When communication and engagement are prioritised, you can build high performing teams with each individual striving for personal excellence

5 Dimensions: 

Regard for Others


Emotional Awareness

Emotional Regulation

Social Awareness

Learning points: 

Handle workplace conflicts better

Improve communication with others 

Be mindful of your own emotions before reacting 

Be considerate to others

resilience flow

When challenges and uncertainty are bound to occur, it’s important for professionals to adapt and find optimism in times of pressure. Leaders who maintain resilience also set a good example for their team and positively impact the psychological safety of the workplace. A team that perseveres through the hard times together can bounce back and defeat any challenges thrown their way. 

6 Dimensions: 

Learning points: 
Maintain a positive mindset under pressure
Adapt to challenges
Reduce burnout
Thrive under uncertain circumstances

motivation flow

Motivation in the workplace should not come from external factors. Long-term success and performance come from finding ambition within yourself. Motivation is a powerful tool that drives engagement, eagerness to learn and a self-sufficient team that produces results. A team with a focused purpose will feel empowered to reach their optimal performance in the workplace and for themselves. 

7 Dimensions: 

Learning points:
Feel energised by purpose 
Aim for personal excellence 
Understand what drives you and your team
Seek work-life balance for improved well-being

the flowprofiler

the flowprofiler® covers all 18 dimensions of emotional & social intelligence, resilience, and motivation to develop professionals with all-rounded skills that drive performance.

How You Will Benefit From flowprofiler®

Improve self-confidence even during challenging times
Become more mindful of your own emotions and learn to react appropriately 
Build empathy for others when handling conflicts 
Deliver messages and ideas with authority 
Cope and adapt when under pressure
Strengthen persistence to bounce back from failure
Prioritise personal development to improve performance
Increase sense of belonging within a team
Improve well-being through work-life balance 

How to Use flowprofiler® in the Workplace



Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How do we use flowprofiler® to track progress on optimal performance and well-being in our organisation?
    the flowprofiler® assessment can be used as a pre and post measurement tool in a developoment map for talent, high-potential or leadership teams. Assesed uniquely on two states - day-to-day and underpressure; both before an intervention's start and reassessed in 12 months, you will have rich insights on a person’s behaviour and how they utilise adaptive strategies in the workplace.
  • Do you have a free trial of the flowprofiler®?
    Yes, we do if you are in HR, Learning or in a leadership position. You'll need to set aside 30min to do the online assessment and another 1hr to debrief your report with an accredited interpreter. Click the Free Trial button and give us your details. We'll send through the link for your free trial.
  • What types of reports do we get when we do a flowprofiler® assessment?
    Five(5) reports - Team. Development. Management. Interview. Candidate. You can download a sample report. Look for the Download report button on this page.
  • Do you accredit inhouse HR or Learning professionals as interpreters?
    Yes! It would be our pleasure. The accreditation process is virtual and tiered based on how you plan to use the flowprofiler® in your organisation. And, we have two Master Interpreters on our team who can help you through the process.