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In our fast-paced world, communication needs to be quick, clear and engaging. Learn to turn
technical reviews into logical and memorable meetings that won’t bore your team or senior
audiences. Presenting Intelligence™ covers the core skills you need to communicate with a
coherent structure no matter the audience.

Some professionals are engaging speakers but don’t have a logical flow when communicating,
while others understand that points need to be clear but they lack the flair for public speaking.
When collaborating in teams, meetings are almost a daily occurrence and you may also be
expected to share updates and reviews with each other. Professionals need to know the
foundations of communicating their ideas clearly including structuring their points, creating
complementing visuals and of course, speaking with confidence. If you’re lacking in one area,
Presenting Intelligence™ covers them all.

It’s common for meetings to include pages of important technical data but that doesn’t mean it
has to be boring. By the end of the Presenting Intelligence™ workshop, you’ll turn mundane
numbers into simple structures while engaging your audience with your confident presence.

Presenting Intelligence™ will teach you to:

Think on Your Feet® workshop is for professionals and leaders who want to:

Develop leadership skills, communicate clearly, and positively influence their team
Improve their impromptu conversational skills when put on the spot 
Make an impact and be remembered when speaking with others 

Key Takeaways of Think on Your Feet®

Presenting Intelligence™ is for leaders and client-facing professionals who:

Need to present information and give updates to other professionals confidently
Want to build a presence that makes their audience understand and agree with them
Need to deliver technical and mundane information clearly while engaging their audience
Don’t know how to present visual data without boring their audience

Why is Presenting Intelligence™ Important?

It’s a fact that people’s attention spans are decreasing day by day. The meetings you once used
to have in-person are now done online. When you have to present weekly updates to your team
through a screen, how do you make your virtual presentations engaging enough that people will

Time is going faster, points need to be clearer, and you need to be more impactful.

In today’s age, it’s key that all professionals know the basics of impactful presentation skills.
Every day, you communicate with your team to make decisions, clarify issues or update on
numbers and data. Ignoring the importance of clear communication is detrimental to you and
your company. It only results in longer decision cycles, confusion within a team, wasted time to
clarify issues and ultimately, a damaged reputation.

This is why Presenting Intelligence™ focuses on the foundations of communicating effectively
using logical structure, clear visuals and an engaging spirit.

Skills You Will Learn From Presenting Intelligence™

By the end of the 2-day workshop, you’ll learn these core presentation skills as the foundation
for your professional development.

How You Will Benefit From Presenting Intelligence™

Keep your audience engaged from beginning to end
Save time and energy with a clearly structured message
Be able to turn boring data into interesting golden nuggets
Build a persuasive presentation where your team agrees with your ideas
Present with calmness and confidence

Course Duration and Delivery

Duration: 2- Day Workshop OR 1-Day Workshop for a class of 8pax or fewer

Delivery Methods for Presenting Intelligence™:
Face-to-face group sessions (maximum 16pax)
Online Workshop (also available to organisations worldwide)

Presenting Intelligence™ Course Outline

Every participant will get a chance to present with the skills they already have so they can gauge and understand the areas that need to be worked on as well as their strengths.

● Structure
● The 5 Memory Principles
● Planning the Presentation
● Logical Flow — The Basic Structure
● Thinking Structure to Organise Points
● Attention Grabbers
● Preparing for Questions

● Visual Aids (In the Room)
● Visual Aids (Online)

● Significance of Non-Verbal Communication
● Voice
● Gestures
● Eye Contact
● Posture
● Tech Tips for Building Interaction
● Calmness & Confidence

With all the new presentation skills equipped over the course of the workshop, participants will get to present again with the integration of the added learning lessons.

Participants will get to give feedback to each other by comparing the presentations made at the beginning and end of the workshop.


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • How is Think on Your Feet® different from presentation skills?
    Think on Your Feet® is for 90% of the communication we have at work - impromptu and in the moment. The thinking process to speak with structure with little or no preparation time is different from when making a presentation.
  • Who is the ideal target participant for this programme?
    Anyone! We have worked with C-level participants to individual contributors. In some organisations, it's a perfect fit for technical professionals to help them articulate technical information and be understood. It's a critical skill for leaders as they progress in the organisation. If you need teams to speak in the moment with Clarity, Brevity and Impact, then they need Think on Your Feet® skills.
  • When is Think on Your Feet® not suitable?
    When there is no opportunity to put the skills into practice post-programme. Or when the culture of the organisation isn't suited for team members sharing their points of view.