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Speak in Stories™

Stories grab attention, stories turn heads, stories stick. Speak in Stories™ is a business communication workshop that teaches you to craft stories around your perfect pitch to influence and make an impact. This storytelling workshop will turn your ideas into compelling narratives that add value and insight to your case. 

Don’t underestimate the power of stories. A good story can trigger a whole list of reactions — it persuades, compels and inspires! Think about it — we love stories because they can bind ideas together into digestible nuggets, captivate us, and still get a message across. Stories aren’t boring because they’re not stating just mere facts and figures. It weaves together creative components of suspense and comedy to make it unforgettable. 

Speak in Stories™ improves your presentation skills by elevating personal experiences into narratives that influence your audience. Turn your business pitch into important lessons with key messages through gripping openings and entertaining anecdotes. By the end of the workshop, you’ll find the confidence to deliver engaging and inspiring ideas using simple storytelling techniques. 

Speak in Stories™ will help you:

∗ Share ideas and messages that leave an impact
∗ Improve your presentation skills to deliver ideas in an engaging and inspiring way
∗ Boost your confidence in public speaking to make you an unforgettable leader and speaker
∗ Create custom stories according to your goals and needs

Who is Speak in Stories™ for?

Speak in Stories™ is for professionals and leaders who:

→ Need to share important information and ideas
→ Want their message to stick with their audience
→ Want to improve their presence when collaborating in teams
→ Struggle to grasp the attention of their audience

Why Is Storytelling Important in Business?

If you’d rather catch up on your favourite TV show than listen to a business pitch, you may want to ask yourself ‘why?’ Stories in books and films use narrative techniques to tug at your heartstrings but making a business case requires facts and data that aren’t quite as exciting. It is exactly this reason why storytelling is vital in business. With engaging storytelling skills, pitch ideas can be turned from mere figures to gripping anecdotes that keep your clients interested and wanting more. Adding narratives to technical business ideas can turn heavy topics into messages that are remembered. As leaders, you’re always trying to influence others, from team members to stakeholders, and telling stories can create the impact you need. 

Ways you can use business stories:
→ Expanding into a new market
→ Conference meetings
→ Dealing with management change
→ Merger and acquisition

Skills You Will Learn From Speak in Stories™

Speak in Stories™ covers comprehensive skills including narrative structures and delivery techniques to prepare professionals who want to influence and persuade through powerful presentations.

Turning presentations into stories

Take any basic slide deck into a winning presentation with engaging stories that turn your passive audience into a captivated crowd.

Simplifying business stories

Learn how to explain business concepts simply and clearly through stories that streamline complex ideas into messages that stick.

Different story frameworks

All narratives come with different character archetypes and frameworks to create a gripping storyline. Learn the different structures and apply them to your very own stories.

Engage through voice and non-verbal actions

Good public speaking and communication include both verbal and non-verbal actions. On top of crafting a winning story, learn to control your tone, pacing, and gestures for a magnetic presentation.

How You Will Benefit From Speak in Stories™

∗ Learn to deliver messages that stick
∗ Engage an audience with personal stories
∗ Improve your presence as a leader and be remembered
∗ Boost your confidence in public speaking
∗ Improve your presentation delivery in an inspiring manner
∗ Help your team understand complex business concepts through stories
∗ Land the clients you need by presenting clear and engaging insights
∗ Create custom stories for every setting

Course Content for Speak in Stories™

The workshop will focus on the three-step journey of business storytelling to help professionals overcome communication challenges and hone their presentation skills.




Start with the foundation of a story by identifying the essential narrative components that make a story stick. Piece together personal accounts with storytelling techniques and structures to create your very own compelling narrative that engages an audience.

Complement your crafted story with a memorable delivery. Use different communication techniques and tools to bridge your story to the audience. Learn to weave in suspense and comedy to bring your story to life.

Storytelling is a continuous journey of learning and development. Find stories around you by keeping a lookout and noting them down. Practice and perfect your presentation skills by reworking and re-telling your stories.

Course Duration and Delivery for Speak in Stories™ Workshop

Duration: 1-Day Workshop

Delivery Methods for Speak in Stories™:
→ Face-to-face group sessions
→ One-on-one training
→ Workshop and coaching combo
→ Online Workshop (also available to organizations worldwide)