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The Power of Mindful Leadership: How to Stay Present and Engaged at Work

As leaders, you always have a lot on your plate making decisions, managing your team, and meeting deadlines. With so much going on, it’s easy to get caught up in the chaos and lose sight of what’s important. Your people. But to be completely engaged with your team, you need to be fully present and that’s where mindfulness comes in.
Being a present leader can engage your people and create better connections. Research has also shown that a mindful leader improves the well-being and performance of their team. So how exactly can you practise mindfulness? We’ll cover some tips and strategies to make you a more present leader.

Talk Less, Listen More

As a leader, you may feel like you need to always chime in with your advice and thoughts, but that’s not always necessary. In certain situations, solving a problem just requires a leader that listens and is present. By practising mindful presence and allowing your team to talk, you give them the space to process and find their own solutions while also building trust and stronger connections with your people.

Take Pauses

With the constant pressures of work being thrown at leaders, it’s no wonder they struggle to be present around their team. A quick solution? Take a breather. Without a break, your brain never stops moving, which makes being present even harder. For a few minutes, check out of your current schedule, push all your stresses away and be attentive to your team’s needs. A short break could bring out your best self to your team and create a more positive working environment. 

Visualise and Embody Your Presence

Visualising can be a very powerful practice. Start your day by visualising that every cell in your body is becoming energised and present. This helps you become more grounded, your energy shifts and your body posture changes as well. Instead of slouching, you may notice that you start walking and interacting with a more lifted and open posture. Your posture can influence how you behave and communicate to embody qualities like awareness, focus and compassion. 

Mindful leadership is a powerful tool that helps leaders stay present and engaged at work. These practices don’t just help you become more productive, they also can create a positive environment for your team. 

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