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How to Give and Receive Constructive Criticism

The Power of Mindful Leadership: How to Stay Present and Engaged at Work Constructive criticism aimed at identifying areas for improvement is an essential part of individual and career development. However, many people find it challenging to give and receive feedback effectively. Giving feedback that is too harsh or vague can lead to feelings of […]
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BUSINESS GROWTH: Doing the right thing begets growth and results

LEADERSHIP GROWTH: Are we leading to grow? Or growing to lead? A leader’s success is as great as the business growth they lead. A leader’s clarity and ability to focus on what truly matters for the business and the people it serves is key to business growth.  Our quiet leaders exhibited how they choose their […]
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Not Just A Boss: Achieve Success With Strong Employee Relationships

Not Just A Boss: Achieve Success With Strong Employee Relationships The once mundane corporate routine, relationships and lifestyles that employers and employees stuck to for decades had been shaken up overnight by the pandemic. Suddenly, worker-employer relationships were strained from remote working and businesses were scrutinised for the support they provided for their employees’ well-being. […]
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Making a Difference: Purposeful Living

Making a Difference: Purposeful Living As July came to an end, we had another one of our monthly wrap-ups to connect the dots between all of our July guests and put into context what the theme of the month meant to us. July was centred around making a difference through how we live with purpose […]
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