How to Host Engaging Online Events

Objectives & Benefits of attending

Are you tired of attending online meetings where nobody is really paying attention? Fed up of online presenters who go on and on, without engaging attendees? Want to know how you can keep your online events on track so that they are effective and productive?
Research shows our attention span has deteriorated with increased digitalisation. One research even shows our attention span is less than that of a goldfish. When we’re online, it’s even harder to maintain attention.

The good news is you can design and deliver an engaging online event. All you need is to understand best principles and practices for online engagement.

In How to Host Engaging Online Events, you will learn how to keep attendees of your online event engaged, interested and motivated to participate. By the end of this 2 x three-hour online session, you will know how to:

1. Drive engagement even before you meet.
2. Cultivate engagement during an event.
3. Structure conversations to raise participation.
4. Ensure everyone’s views are heard.
5. Cultivate divergence and arrive at convergence.
6. Stay on track.

✦ This online workshop is designed for interaction and participation.


Frequently Asked Questions !

  • What will the Drama@Work: Harnessing the Positives in Conflict workshop cover?

    The Drama@Work workshop is a solution for anyone who feels surrounded by conflict, blame and repeating problems instead of clear thinking, agreement and action. Using the methodology of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling, you will learn to recognise drama, get out of drama, and create a drama-free culture and drama-less relationships. Before COVID, this workshop has been delivered in-person in Europe, the US, Russia, Japan and Malaysia.

  • Why should I invest in this workshop?

    There are at least 3 key benefits of participating in this workshop. You will leave the workshop with: • A way to take charge of what you would like to have happen, instead of letting circumstances determine that for you • More choices about the kind of relationships you’d like to have • Simple ways to better manage yourself and others for better productivity, clearer communication, and better engagement

  • What if I'm not the source of the drama? Will I be able to use these tools to change someone else?

    In any drama, the only person you have full jurisdiction over is yourself. However, once you use these tools to shift to a more drama-free position, others will often change their behaviour, too.