How to Host Engaging Online Events

How to Host Engaging Online Events

Objectives & Benefits of attending

Are you tired of attending online meetings where nobody is really paying attention? Fed up of online presenters who go on and on, without engaging attendees? Want to know how you can keep your online events on track so that they are effective and productive?

Research shows our attention span has deteriorated with increased digitalisation. One research even shows our attention span is less than that of a goldfish. When we’re online, it’s even harder to maintain attention.

The good news is you can design and deliver an engaging online event. All you need is to understand best principles and practices for online engagement.

In How to Host Engaging Online Events, you will learn how to keep attendees of your online event engaged, interested and motivated to participate. By the end of this 2 x three-hour online session, you will know how to:

1. Drive engagement even before you meet.
2. Cultivate engagement during an event.
3. Structure conversations to raise participation.
4. Ensure everyone’s views are heard.
5. Cultivate divergence and arrive at convergence.
6. Stay on track.

✦ This online workshop is designed for interaction and participation.


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • What kind of online events will this workshop cover?
    In the context of this workshop, “event” refers to any occasion where people gather. Work examples include meetings, panel discussions, a product demo, a conference, or networking sessions. An online event could also refer to social gatherings such as a pub quiz, birthday party or family reunion. The purpose is to show what's possible that you can adapt for different online events.
  • Who should attend this workshop?
    It’s for anyone who has to organise, host, design or deliver an online event.
  • Will this workshop teach me how to produce an online event?
    This workshop will show you what a producer does to ensure a smooth experience of an online training, the training being the event in this case. It will also showcase the importance of having a producer to ensure the best online experience for attendees. From this workshop, you will learn what skills a good producer needs to have. And this workshop is not designed to teach your production skills. This is because being a producer for different online meeting platforms will require different technical skills that can be easily learned from online tutorials and videos that are freely available.
  • Will I immediately be able to host an engaging online event after the workshop?
    It depends. We know that your next online event will be better than the one before the workshop. However, perfecting the art of hosting engaging online events requires practise. Hence, for the workshop, we're aiming for you to make progress. Perfection will come later the more you apply and play around with the skills you will learn.