Finance for Non-Finance Professionals - 7

Finance for Non-financial Professionals


To raise the level of financial awareness of participants and enable them to use the financial information provided to make better short-term or long-term decisions in managing their businesses.

Benefit of attending

There is a greater need to understand financial information, particularly the balance sheet, profit and loss account and cash flow statement as companies strive to enhance their shareholder value. Decisions made without properly understanding the financial implications may lead to reduced profits (or even losses) and a reduction in shareholder value.
By raising financial awareness, participants are better able to manage businesses’ revenues, costs, profits and cash. Participants will also be able to use their new financial knowledge to make more effective decisions. This workshop will provide basic financial principles and cover generic financial management tools necessary for decision making. Learning is achieved via practical examples which reinforce the theory; case studies and short exercises; and topic-related internationally acclaimed videos which successfully simplify the financial topic for the non-financial person.
Participants will also go through a highly interactive board game, (ProfitPlus™) which allows participants to experience how transactions affect the balance sheet and profit and loss account over 2 trading years. Participants also prepare year end financial statements. The ProfitPlus™ boardgame is many participants’ favourite part of the workshop when we conduct in-house workshops for our clients.

Over the past 20 years, this workshop has attracted over 12,000 participants!