EQ for Team Excellence-7

EQ for Personal Excellence

Every workplace is comprised of people with different strengths, personalities and emotions, which can greatly affect the way they work and their interaction with you.

This introduction to Emotional Intelligence helps you to identify, understand and manage your emotions and prepare you for the dynamic interaction with others and their emotions. Various tools are introduced to help build fundamental competencies in Emotional Intellgence.


The objectives of this 2-day programme are to:

1. Understand how Emotional Intelligence impacts your state of mind and decisions
2. Practice Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management using various tools for better results in your personal and professional life
3.The science behind emotions and how logic and emotion work together for effective results
4. Self-assess and accurately address feelings to empower self to grow.
5. Think Feel and Act in congruence to your outcomes in life
6. Practice active listening and empathy in order to build trust in your communication and relationships
7. Apply tools to manage relationships and challenging people without losing the relationships
8. Identify what drives you to take action


1. Triune Brain
2. EQ Competencies
3. Power of Emotions
4. Think Feel Act
5. Emotional BluePrint
6. Empathy
7. Cost-Benefit Analysis


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Is this program for emotional individuals ?
    No, this program is for anyone who want to understand how the intelligence in emotions can help them be their best versions and get the results that they want in life
  • Will this make me less or more emotional?
    This program is deisgend to understand the science of emotions and how it impacts our day to day choices . It will give you the tools to display what you choose to appropiately
  • Will it make me successful?
    While EQ has been agood predictor of success, it will also depend if our definitioj of sucess is a healthy one
  • Am I born with EQ?
    EQ are a set of competencies i.e. can be acquired unless you have a medical condition