Building Trust Remotely

Trust Building Workshops

Build a trusting, high performing team using clear communication techniques that make your members feel heard. Our trust building workshops cover interpersonal skills that teach you to act appropriately in challenging situations and achieve successful collaborations in the workplace.

Trust is the foundation of a high-performing work environment. Teams that have healthy communication, high motivation and enjoy collaborations have to start with a trusting relationship. Conflicts begin when leaders ignore the key issues that cause dysfunction in a team.

In today’s world, leaders need to throw out the top-down approach of hierarchy and dominance in the workplace. Building trust requires professionals to shift their focus to encouraging open conversations, embracing vulnerability and improving listening skills to involve a team in a decision-making process.

We offer 2 trust building workshops that target different team cultures:

1. Workshop 1: For professionals who want to hold productive and drama-free collaborations
2. Workshop 2: For leaders who want to handle conflicts and dysfunction in their team with ease

Who Should Join Our Trust Building Workshops?

Our trust-building workshops are for professionals and leaders who want to:
Have more efficient and productive collaborations with their team and clients
Build high performing teams using strong and clear communication techniques
Handle conflicts without losing the trust of your team or clients

How You Will Benefit From Our Trust Building Workshops

Reduce conflicts and drama by building trust with your team and clients

★ Get your clients and team on the same page for better collaboration
★ Build your emotional intelligence to understand others’ state of mind and communicate
★ Develop leadership skills and become a leader that listens attentively to understand their
team’s concerns
★ Give objective feedback that won’t make anyone second guess your intentions
★ Consider differing opinions in your team and turn them into long-term solutions

Trust Building Workshop: Workshop 1

Workshop 1 covers effective techniques that help you become more aware of your team’s agenda, understand what drives behaviour and know what each person or project needs for success. The workshop utilises a 3-step process that teaches you to acquire accurate information before acting. Workshop 1 equips you with the key questions you should be asking your team to build trust instead of creating conflicts.

Accept the situation you are in without reacting impulsively. Understand your position as a leader and prepare yourself for the next steps of handling any challenges thrown your way.Equip yourself with key questions that improve communication with your team or client. These questions will help you gain insight into how they think. The goal of enquiring using clear questions is to gather accurate information and understand their agenda before you take the appropriate actions.Using the information you have acquired, you can now apply techniques that encourage trust building in teams and clients. Handle conflicts by considering everyone’s opinions and communicating objectively. Give constructive feedback to others based on their responses collected during the enquiry process.

Course Duration & Delivery for Workshop 1

 1-Day Workshop (2-part module of 3 hours each)
 2-Day Workshop (3 hours per day)

Delivery Methods for Workshop 1:
→ Face-to-face group sessions
→ One-on-one training 
→ Online Workshop (also available to organisations worldwide)

Trust Building Workshop: Workshop 2

Workshop 2 dives into the Five Dysfunctions of a Team to target the causes of conflict and drama in the workplace. By identifying unproductive behaviours, leaders can then work on them with a set of guidelines that develop their leadership skills. Workshop 2 teaches professionals to harness positivity in arguments and turn them into healthy and constructive discussions instead of personal attacks. Using the foundation of trust, leaders will learn to navigate conflicts and build high performing teams.

Course Duration & Delivery for Workshop 2

 1-Day Workshop (full day)
 2-Day Workshop (half day)

Delivery Methods for Workshop 2
Face-to-face group sessions
→ One-on-one training 
→ Online Workshop (also available to organisations worldwide)


Frequently Asked Questions!

  • Can you guarantee that Building Trust Remotely will increase trust at my workplace?
    BTR stands a better chance of increasing trust levels at the workplace if enough people at your workplace begin applying the BTR tools so that there is behaviour and culture change. We highly recommend that two other people from your company attend the training so that you have the support you need to keep applying these tools beyond the workshop.
  • What difference will it make if I attend the training, when my boss is the problem?
    That is a great question. And the fact is, we don't have control over how others behave. We only have control over how we do. What BTR will do for you is give you the tools to manage your own responses. That way, you will come across as being calm and professional even if someone else is not. Managing your state will also allow you to have clarity, and to make evidence-based decisions. BTR isn't a magic wand for changing other people. But it is a strong clear process for reducing the time you personally spend in unnecessary conflict around a lack of trust.
  • Why should I invest in Building Trust Remotely, when we could just run a team building event like we have in the past?
    Team building events are great. And they would also be a good investment if they result in your team having new skills for building trust, most especially when it's difficult. With BTR, we promise that participants will leave with tools they can apply for life to build trust at work or at home. BTR may not have the same levels of rah! rah! rah! fun that a team builing activity has. And what's important is, participants of a BTR workshop will leave with effective skills to make thinking visible especially when we're online, so that there is better trust.
  • How is building trust remotely different from building trust in-person?
    There certainly are similiariities. What BTR does is, it addresses the how-to of visible thinking. When we are online, visible thinking makes it easier to build trust because so much is unknown about what other people are thinking or doing when we are working remotely. BTR will give you the tools to make thinking visibile in a way that is pyschologically safe and respectful. And when there is visible thinking, there is more trust.