Amazing Sticky Presentations®

Influence your crowd and be remembered with advanced presentation skills. The Amazing
Sticky Presentations® series inspired by Sticky SPY is a visual communications workshop
focused on helping you create eye-catching presentations that wow your audience and make an

The perfect pitch can be ruined by a messy and cluttered presentation deck and just like that,
you’ve lost the attention of your audience. A good slide deck should help guide your audience
and complement (not complicate!) your business pitch.

A memorable and successful presentation combines an engaging presenter and visual clarity.

Communicating through visuals is a skill that many professionals surprisingly lack. Amazing
Sticky Presentations® teaches you how to present information clearly, what graphics are
important and how to design your slides for visual impact.

As visuals are more easily remembered than spoken words, Amazing Sticky Presentations®
improves your presentation skills by teaching you the art of persuasion and influence through
visual aids. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Amazing Sticky Presentations® workshop will teach you to:

● Present key visual ideas with your specific audience in mind
● Simplify complex data using clear graphics that stand out
● Link your visual aids to storytelling techniques that connect with your audience

Who Is Amazing Sticky Presentations® For?

Amazing Sticky Presentations® is for leaders and professionals who:

➔ Want to improve their presentation skills by creating visual impact in their slides
➔ Want to shorten meeting times with clear presentations that are easy to understand
➔ Need a framework and strategy to communicate complex information that their audience
can understand.

How You Will Benefit From Amazing Sticky Presentations®

Build confidence when presenting to an audience

★ Engage, persuade and influence your audience throughout your presentation
★ Learn to communicate ideas quickly and easily
★ Gain respect as a leader and be remembered every time you present

Amazing Sticky Presentations® Workshop Methodology

Course Duration and Delivery

Duration: 2-Day Workshop

Delivery Methods for Amazing Sticky Presentations®™:
➔ Face-to-face group sessions
➔ One-on-one training
➔ Workshop and coaching combo
➔ Online Workshop (also available to organisations worldwide)

Amazing Sticky Presentations® Course Outline
Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5

Audience Mindset — Understand the mindset of your audience and how they perceive information before creating a presentation with purpose.

Breaking Rules — Change how you think about presentations by understanding the difference between SEE and READ.

Concept and Strategies — Learn the proven S.P.Y. concepts and strategies that guide your presentation designs and delivery


Getting to the Point — Learn to analyse and identify key messages and focus on your slide content.

Killing Bullet Points — Learn how to break away from the conventional PowerPoint templates and discover more creative, out of the box visual aids.

Challenging Numbers and Charts — Increase the visibility of data by breaking apart complex numbers that clutter presentation slides.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words — Learn to use and manipulate images to add excitement to your slide content.

The Perfect Slide — Learn the simple yet useful Rule of Thirds technique to effectively position content on your slides to make it stand out from the rest.


The Framework — Learn the Presentation Design Planning Framework that guides you through a systematic process to develop your presentation skills.

Visual Planning — Practice storyboarding to visualise and plan your ideas and ensure your story connects from slide to slide.

Designing your Slides — Learn how to create memorable slides using the S.P.Y. Design Ideas Toolkit.


Connecting your Story — Communicate with your audience by linking related stories to picture slides.

Building Lasting Impressions — Learn how to review your final slide deck to ensure you have incorporated S.P.Y. into every slide.

Presenting with Impact — Be introduced to scripted and unscripted delivery techniques. Use tips to build confidence when making a business case and choose a communication style that works for you.


The Degree of Stickiness — Learn how to balance complexity and simplicity using a simple decision scale to ensure the right amount of content is shown on your slides.

Working with the Presenter — Be prepared to help a partner who is presenting instead. Learn the ways to prepare slides for your co-worker or boss to ensure a seamless presentation.

The Final Slide — Be exposed to alternative ways to end off your presentation besides a Thank You, The End or a Q&A. Learn how to end with an impactful and lasting impression.