Who are the facilitators of Pitch to Win™?

Our team of Pitch to Win™ facilitators are highly experienced in the communication and influence practice area; have done both live and virtual sessions across industries, levels of participants and countries. Download our brochure for more details about them.
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How is Pitch to Win™ different from Think on Your Feet®?

Pitch to Win™ is for situations when you need to take your decision-makers from Point A (where we are now) to Point B (overcoming a problem or grabbing an opportunity); and you need a process to help you think, analyse and structure the communication flow to minimise opportunity cost and decision-making time while increasing your […]
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Who is the ideal target participant for this programme?

Anyone! We have worked with C-level participants to individual contributors. In some organisations, it’s a perfect fit for technical professionals to help them articulate technical information and be understood. It’s a critical skill for leaders as they progress in the organisation. If you need teams to speak in the moment with Clarity, Brevity and Impact, […]
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