Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is suitable for all professionals who want to have better conversations and collaborations that are productive, efficient and drama-free. It is suitable for busy individuals who are not able to take too much time off from work in order to learn new skills. Attending with at least two other collaborators or colleagues enhances […]
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Why should I invest in this workshop?

There are at least 3 key benefits of participating in this workshop. You will leave the workshop with: • A way to take charge of what you would like to have happen, instead of letting circumstances determine that for you • More choices about the kind of relationships you’d like to have • Simple ways […]
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What will the Drama@Work: Harnessing the Positives in Conflict workshop cover?

The Drama@Work workshop is a solution for anyone who feels surrounded by conflict, blame and repeating problems instead of clear thinking, agreement and action. Using the methodology of Clean Language and Systemic Modelling, you will learn to recognise drama, get out of drama, and create a drama-free culture and drama-less relationships. Before COVID, this workshop […]
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