LEADERSHIP GROWTH: Are we leading to grow? Or growing to lead?

A leader’s success is as great as the business growth they lead. A leader’s clarity and ability to focus on what truly matters for the business and the people it serves is key to business growth. 

Our quiet leaders exhibited how they choose their focus which in turn has led to performance and progress, especially during these unprecedented times. 

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.” 

~ Colin R. Davis

Celine Chan’s non-negotiable emphasis on “We Think Human” as the core of workplace culture – building and living it. Spotify

Woon Man Wong suggests an organisation’s way of replenishing talent for its growth. Spotify

Mythili Subramaniam balances the books with the uncalculated opportunity cost of employees who show up for work but are disengaged because of their mental health. Spotify

Beck Chalmers reminds us that business growth is driven by the importance of collective productivity i.e., the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Spotify

Reuben Ong uses community centricity, passion for growth and trust-building as winning strategies in achieving life and organisational purpose. Spotify

Nagavalli Annamalai focuses on Integrity as an inbuilt self-check mechanism for a leader’s commitment to their role, the people’s and business’ mandate. Spotify

Nirmala Suppramaniam suggests organisational systems to detect signs of personal financial ill-being which can impact business results. Spotify

“The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving.”

~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Prof Dr Vinitha Guptan theorises that business sustainability needs 3 mindsets – everyone can excel; everyone needs to own their learning; and every ‘teacher’ can make an impact. Spotify

Sreejith Nambiar deems the four pillars of behaviour, motivation, achievement, and skill are non-negotiable when organisations seek culture add-on. Spotify

Sharma Kumari argues that organisations need to have clarity on: build vs. buy talent; and regrettable vs non-regrettable headcount loss decisions – the impact of which is in the medium to long-term. Spotify

Sandra Kosasih’s strategy of digital orientation as a core skill requires courage in implementing new strategies in talent acquisition and development to find unique combinations for innovation and business sustainability. Spotify

Iain Chalmers says the rising cost of talent acquisition and the uncalculated cost that comes with losing talent is scary. The importance of onboarding to engage, motivate and inspire our employees is business critical. Spotify

Badai Prasthari emphasised well-being as fundamental, not an add-on in business and by making it a priority will help set the focus on the business. Spotify

Vaclav Koranda says leaders and organisations are not applying the lessons we learnt in the pandemic and its possible reasons. Spotify

“Motivation is the catalyzing ingredient for every successful innovation.” 

~ Clayton Christensen

Aveenashpal Ganapathy calls on organisations to recognise the importance of value creation in an offer acceptance as first impressions count in talent retention. Spotify

Marshall Vianata backs active development support for leadership roles without any precedent e.g., first time managers during the pandemic. Spotify

Dr. Kam Kok Yen strongly believes in the importance of working in partnership with HR for different perspectives that add value to talent development. Spotify

Yat Seng Ng is passionate about how values drive our choices. Values-driven organisations pay attention to how results are achieved through management of optimal performance. Spotify

Veejay Madhavan experiments with autonomy in adversity for innovative ideas that drive business results. Spotify

Farop Sharif reminds us that with digitalisation, in creating that ‘happy’ customer experience, businesses need to ensure users feel secure and educated. Spotify

Harith Menon uses RASCI collaborative tools and a focus on customer delight to crafts a work culture that drive organisational results. Spotify

As we step forward into 2023, it’s our hope that the wisdom and emotional intelligence of these quiet leaders serves you in your growth journey – personal, leadership or business. 

As we ourselves grow as a team, we hope that we will continue to stay relevant by surfacing amazing leaders in this region.

Team Leadership in Flow ASIA

“It’s very easy to be different but very difficult to be better.”

~ Jonathan Ive

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